Our Baby Casts

Our Baby Casts - Life Casts

Looking for the perfect keepsake gift that is both genuine and personal? One of the most memorable keepsake gifts is to create life-size hand casts for a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any other special occasion.

The human form is the ultimate work of art. Everyone is beautiful; everyone is different. An "Our Baby Cast" captures a moment in time, preserving every detail of your baby's precious hands and feet. The wonder of your new born baby's hand or foot created into a work of art for you to treasure for a life time.

Photos, videos and paintings all hold amazing details but they don't show the real size, shape and the fine lines of the skin - Life casting captures all those. Imagine holding the replica of your teenagers hand from when they were a newborn baby; or seeing a grandmother holding a grandchild's hand. There, for you to touch or pick up whenever you wish.