About "Our Baby Impressions"

We've been in business selling "Our Baby Impressions" franchises since 1988. Our business reputation speaks for itself.

To find out who the closest location to you of an "Our Baby Impressions" reseller, contact us directly at: 778-484-4416. The procedure is fairly simple, you will need a 15 or 20 minute appointment with your baby and when the plaque is all done, because of the delicate nature of the plaques, it will be hand delivered to right to you!

What is the Process?

We often get asked about the procedures and processes involved in creating one of our unique and memorable plaques and lifecasts. It is a fairly simple process that is detailed below:

Pressing Baby's Feet

Step 1: The first step involves gently pressing the baby's feet or hands, one at a time, into the soft clay mold. It is important to note here that this procedure is in no way uncomfortable or painful for the baby or child.

Drying castings for final coating in bronze

Step 2: After the initial casting is made with the soft clay, the castings would be dried and prepared for the detailing and bronzing process.


Step 3: Each plaque comes with an engraved name plate, the name plates are each individually engraved using our state of the art engraving technology.

Final Detailing

Step 4: Before the plaque is memorialized in bronze, a fine detailing is done to ensure that the casting is accurate in every way.